About Us

Our son, James, was born on September 19th, 2019! He was an emergency c- section with a scary blood sugar level of 18, that landed him straight into the NICU! For 46 long, roller coaster days! On October 9th James was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). PWS is a deletion or partial deletion of the 15th chromosome! There is a whole list of side effects and symptoms of PWS, but ultimately one landed us to this soap and body butter making company!

Some PWS people are born with fair skin and hair! James is one of those lucky ones! But, because of his fair skin, it is REALLY sensitive. It didn’t matter what we put on him or washed him with! We went from corporate companies to local small businesses, and NOTHING worked. He would break out into a rash that we would have to immediately wash off!

Eventually we went to the internet to find our own recipe! We came upon a guide line and added our own ingredients together! We knew Goat’s Milk  as VERY good for your skin so we made sure that was the major ingredient in our products! And to our surprise it worked! James did not have a reaction! Yeehaw!

During the holidays, we did not have enough money to give gifts for our friends and family. This was because the 46 days of our NICU journey had wiped out our savings account! So we came up with the idea to give everyone a bar of soap and a little jar of body butter! We didn’t think too much of it, but we felt good knowing we could give and save a little at the same time! Surprisingly enough we got a lot of great feedback from them!

During our beginning stages with James’ diagnoses. We had heard a lot about this specialist, Dr. Miller. She was HIGHLY recommended and we were told to stop at nothing to go see her if we got accepted! She is located in Florida. We were hesitant about it because it was a trip we really couldn’t afford!

We were immediately accepted, so we slapped airplane tickets on a credit card, looked at each other, and agreed “we will figure out how to pay for it after”!

Then, a light bulb went off, I turned to Keith and said, “Let’s post on Facebook that we are selling the soaps and body butters! We could use the money to pay back our flights” He responded “Let’s do it!!!”

We had a quite a few soaps and body butters left from our holiday gift giving. So we made a post on our social media about how we are using the soap and body butter’s proceeds to go see a specialist named Dr. Miller for baby James in Florida. To our surprise it took off like wild fire! By the end of the day we paid for our flights!

Our mission still remains the same because we have returning appointments for Dr. Miller all ready. Until Dr. Miller says he is too old! But our next mission is that eventually we can send someone who isn’t as lucky as we are to see Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller truly opened our eyes, and gave us SO much info and hope that James will live a FULL, happy and healthy life, that we want EVERYONE with PWS to be able to see her!

We also donate 25% of our Sweet Orange bar proceeds (Orange represents PWS) to www.fpwr.org every beginning of the month!

To our clients thus far, we truly can not thank you enough for your support for our son James. He means the absolute world to us. We can not picture life without him in it, and it motivates us every single day to stop at NOTHING to get the absolute best care we can give him. Because of you, we can do that!

We 🧡 you!

Keith (Dad), Brie (Mom), and James (Our Son)